Towel Care Guide

Our H and L Towel Collections features towels that are 520GSM and 600GSM respectively. Our bath mats are 900GSM.

What is GSM you ask?
GSM is grams per square metre. It is how much 1 square metre of fabric weighs and the higher the GSM number the denser and the more absorbent the fabric will be.
Towels usually range between 300 and 900 GSM.

Here is a mini breakdown:
300-400 GSM these towels are lighter and thinner, this means they’ll dry faster.
400-600 GSM these towels fall into the medium category and remember the absorbency increases as the numbers go up.
600-900 GSM these towels are quite heavy and their absorbency is amazing, however they take longer to dry.

It’s always a good idea to know what you’re buying, Happy Shopping from Home Luxx (Pty) Ltd!

Here is the secret to fluffy, fresh-smelling towels…

How to wash and care for your towels the right way:

*Please refer to care instructions on the product label.
*We recommend you wash your towels before initial use.
*Machine wash your towels on a gentle wash setting, do not overload the washing machine as this will not only take a toll on your washing machine but also result in the towels not being washed and rinsed properly, leaving unwanted detergent residue on the towels.
*Wash your towels every 3-4 uses.
*Do not use too much of harsh detergent as this will damage the fibres of the towels and reduce longevity.
*Remember to shake your towels as soon as they’re out of the washing machine, this will fluff out the fibres and speed up drying.
*Do not add fabric softener to your towel machine wash cycle, it coats the fibres with a slick residue and inhibits water absorption. Nobody wants a towel that’s not fluffy so be careful with fabric softener.
*Do not mix towels with other items of clothing when washing, this will reduce the risk of germs and bacteria transfer.
*Do not mix colours of towels when washing.
*Do not let damp towels sit in the washing machine, this may cause odour and mildew.
*Do not bleach towels, yes bleach does help remove stains of white towels in particular, however it breaks down the fibres and shortens the lifespan of the towel. Refer to stains in our Laundry Care Guide for some stain removal tips.
*Air drying towels is our first recommendation.
*If using a tumble dryer to dry your towels, it is recommended to be on the low heat setting only, to prevent the fibres from tightening, making them stiffer and less absorbent.
*Do not iron towels, this will reduce their absorbency.
*Please be mindful of your body care routine and products. Makeup, toothpaste and other body care products may stain your towels and cause discolouration. We recommend you set aside specific towels for this purpose.
*Having multiple sets of towels is highly recommended.

The H and L Collection of towels awaits YOU!

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