Laundry Advice Guide

With Home Luxx (Pty) Ltd being a fourth generation linen business, linen care is in our DNA. This wealth of experience and expertise ensures your bed and bath linen will be kept looking pristine. Please have a look at the product and packaging labels for care instructions as well.

Let’s start with some terminology.

What is Thread Count?
This refers to how many threads vertically and horizontally are woven into 1 square inch of fabric. Generally, the higher the tread count the softer the fabric and the more likely it will wear well.

What is Percale?
Percale refers to the type of weave used to construct the fabric. A percale weave uses a traditional criss-cross pattern one thread over and one thread under to give the fabric its smooth quality and finish. It may be woven using various fibres such as cotton, polyester and other fabric blends.

Product Care Instructions:

Duvet covers, sheeting & pillow cases:
Our bed linen collections use varying qualities of fabric and special care needs to be taken when washing these products.
Generally this category of linen are washed weekly and soften more after each wash. We recommend washing all bed linen before initial use.

Machine wash:
*We prefer washing all bed and bath linen on a gentle machine wash cycle.
*Do not over crowd the machine as this will cause the product to lose shape.
*Similarly with other laundry items, ensure that products in the machine are of similar colouring and weight. *Do not mix with heavier products like towels.
*Hand washing your linen is also acceptable, provided it is in cool to luke warm water with mild and moderate amounts of detergent, with a swishing motion and not aggressively wrenching the fabric.

*Machine wash at 40 degrees, this setting ensures the removal of dirt, natural body oils and any leftover detergent residue. Detergent properties may deteriorate the fabric if not rinsed out thoroughly.

Fabric softener:
*Our linen does not require any fabric softener, the fabric will soften wash after wash naturally.

*We recommend air drying your linen for longer lasting, wrinkle eliminating linen, however a moderate tumble dry setting is also welcomed. Just make sure to take the linen out while it is still a little damp and then hang or place flat down as this will help with eliminating creases.

*The fabric softens wash after wash and this makes it supple enough to enjoy without ironing. If however, you do prefer ironing, we strongly recommend ironing on a medium heat steam setting only.

*Once a stain has set in, it is difficult to remove, we advise starting a stain removal process as soon as possible. Here are some of the stain removal hacks we’ve tried:
*Sunlight dishwashing liquid on the stain immediately with a few drops of water, massaging till the stain lifts then left to dry completely, followed by machine wash as stated above.
*Baking soda mixed with a few drops of vinegar on certain colours have shown promise. Gently rub into the fabric and remove all traces of baking soda before machine wash as stated above.

*We allow for an average of 3% shrinkage for the 144 thread count range and approximately 4% shrinkage for the 200 thread count and 300 thread count 100% cotton ranges, respectively. Shrinkage might occur on every product, rest assured with our many years of experience in the textile industry, we have accounted for this with our manufacturing suppliers.

Mattress Protectors:
*The polyester quilted fabric with polyurethane backing is durable, breathable and waterproof.
*This product does not come into direct contact with your skin therefore does not require weekly washing. We do however recommend washing every 6-8 weeks as this will aid allergy sufferers and help prevent dust mites.
*Wash as machine gentle wash (refer to machine wash).
*We strongly recommend that you do not iron this product at all.

Your linen will Luxx you after following these care instructions!

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